5 things i just love to do.

There are many things in this world that I love to do everyday and all day. But here is a list of my 5 favorites.

1. Computer. I cant live with out my computer. Heck if I didnt have it i couldnt make my blog.

2. Trampoline. I love to play on my trampoline and play basketball on there, but right now it is a little chilly to do that.

3. Play Piano. The piano is a fun thing for me to do because I just love it when i play it and the sound it make. I know pretty corny right. :p

4. Sitting by the fire. Sitting by the fire is always a fun thing to expecially when ur drinking hot chocolate when it is -2 degres outside.

5. Sitting in the hot tub. When ever my mom and I go outside to sit in the hot tub it is always so relaxing because of the wind blowing in our face and our body's are just so warm. Its the best feeling ever.


My surgery!

I had my surgery today at 7:00. I got 5 shots then they put me to sleep. They took out one of my baby teeth and my adult teeth so i just have a gap there.


My Favorite Song.

this is my favorite song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki61e3zfpks

New House.

Me and my step sister grace went outside to sled. But after about 30 minutes of sledding we decided to build a house out of big sticks. After we did that for about an hour we started to knee sled. Knee sledding is just like normal sledding but without the sled. We did that for another 30 minutes then we finally stoped and got tired. I am saying this because i thought it was really fun. Well i guess thats all for now.

Oral Surgery!

Tomorrow I am getting surgery on my teeth. I have an impacted tooth above one of my baby teeth. They are going to put me out, yank out my tooth, and open my gum and cut the impacted tooth out. My mom says I have really bad teeth for my age. I have alot of cavities, ive had a root canal, I have braces, and now im getting oral surgery. I blame my granny. =)

Ice Storm!

Today we had a major ice storm that got me out of school. Almost all of the schools in this area is out because of the roads being slipery.

This is one picture of my woods in the back of my yard. my backyard. =p

Here is one of the pictures that is of my neighbors tree.



This is my first time creating a blog and all i have to say is that my aunt tammy inspired me to do this. If you want you can visit her website at http://www.thecolorofhome.blogspot.com/. Well i guess thats all for now.